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Some night it’s been

Tonight, I’ve resolved to ignite my bland firestorm of a Tumblr.

Tonight has just been one of those nights. So, I’m watching some bad Comedy Central late night movie, eating some Hershey’s kisses, and listening to the thunder, which the evening news’ weather man assures me WILL EAT ME AND MY FAMILY.

Lambo’s (my parents gas station/my current location of employment) was just bustling this evening; I only drew giraffes in my notebook for a good hour or so. But during that copious downtime, I thought/swept/dusted plenty and decided it’s time to pick up my blogging. Tumblr feels like a more effective means of blogging, although I am a bit attached to my Blogspot, so I decided maybe I ought to start writing here more, just to see how things go. Mostly, I want to keep things brief, stop rambling, get to where I need to go quickly in my writing, and Tumblr gives a much more concise feel to it.

I hope I can put stories here. Life’s about the stories. Life is the stories.

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